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City Grant Programs

The City of Richmond supports positive quality of life for all its residents and provides the annual City Grant Program to help support the work of community service organizations in the following areas:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Child Care
  • Health, Social and Safety
  • Parks, Recreation and Community Events

Grant Program Goals

  • To improve the quality of life of Richmond residents through a wide range of beneficial community programs.
  • To assist primarily Richmond-based community groups to provide programs for residents.
  • To build community and organizational capacity to deliver programs.
  • To promote partnerships and financial cost sharing among the City, other funders and organizations.

Arts and Culture

Project Assistance Guidelines
Operating Assistance Guidelines
Project Assistance User Guide
Operating Assistance User Guide
Richmond Arts Strategy

Contact: Camyar Chaichian, Acting Manager, Cultural Development
Email: Camyar.Chaichian@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-247-8326

Child Care

Grant Program Guidelines
Grant Application User Guide
Social Development Strategy

Contact: Chris Duggan, Program Manager, Child Care
Email: Chris.Duggan@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-204-8621

Health, Social and Safety

Grant Program Guidelines
Grant Application User Guide
Social Development Strategy

Contact: Lesley Sherlock, Social Planner
Email: Lesley.Sherlock@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-276-4220

Parks, Recreation and Community Events

Grant Program Guidelines
Grant Application User Guide

Contact: Beayue Louie, Park Planner
Email: Beayue.Louie@richmond.ca
Phone: 604-244-1293

Getting Started

Review the Program Guidelines before beginning the application process to ensure that the goals and objectives, eligibility criteria and the assessment considerations are understood. In addition, review the process of the Grant Program being applied for.

Access to the four Grant Programs is through the same portal. The Grant Applicant User Guide provides a step-by-step guide through the City Grants Web-based System.

To begin your application, access the web-based City Grants Application System by clicking on the link below. Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended browsers.

Applicants who received a 2019 City Grant will need to submit a report about its use and outcomes by opening your 2019 application and completing the Grant Use/Final Report section. This must be submitted prior to creating a 2020 application.

Also visit the Richmond Community Foundation (RCF) website for information about RCF grant opportunities for charitable organizations serving Richmond residents.

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Source:  City of Richmond



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